Make the following design changes without modifying the html in any way. Only modify your own styles.css file.The challenges are progressively more complicated, but each can be accomplished with a single selector. Some challenges will require multiple properties/value pairs.

  1. Set the margin-bottom of the header to 3rem.
  2. Set the line-height of all paragraphs to 1.6.
  3. Make the "See All..." links 0.8em, and uppercase.
  4. Make the show titles 2.5rem.
  5. Make the section-titles 1rem and uppercase.
  6. Make all title fonts light weight.
  7. Make the cast images width:100%;
  8. Make each castmember element width:25%;
  9. Add a 1px border above each show — without unintentionally adding borders elsewhere.
  10. Make the navigation tab with the .selected class be bold and black.
  11. Make the castmember labels 0.8rem.
  12. Make the actor/actress names bold.
  13. Make the character names italic.
  14. Add an asterisk (*) to the last year in the Game of Thrones seasons list.
  15. Add the text "* Final Season" on the next line after the Game of Thrones season list. Make it 0.7rem, and color it to be #999.